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Welcome to Prime Pest Management

When you have to be the best you deserve the best. There is no skipping details when it comes to protecting your property from unslightly critters and incects we have your back. 

Our team can help you at any stage of the cycle, whether you need help in starting you know what kind of pest you are dealing with. No matter how attentively you plan, cockroaches, bed bugs, and other pests can find their way into any home, restaurant, or commercial premises, wreaking havoc, spreading diseases, and causing countless financial damage.

Finding house bugs and other crawling creatures in the pre-stages of an infestation can make the difference between peace of mind and, in utmost cases, having to refurnish your home or restaurant. We can use various techniques to uproot pests at the egg stage.

We equipped our team with new solutions and eco-friendly treatments for pest control in the US and fumigation to keep your house and restaurant premises and residential areas pest-free, well furnished with equipment, and habitable. This is being accomplished through an eco-friendly pest management program that involves great attention in aspects such as hygiene, proofing in conjunction with the use of non-insecticidal products, trapping devices, and monitoring systems.

Our pest control business is framed around a number of Vertical Domain Competencies viz:-
Food processing and restaurant industry, Commercial buildings, manufacturing companies, hospitality, and Public, private Institutions and Residential.

We not only offer 24-hour pest control for restaurant, commercial and residential properties, but we also carry out the best treatments, as well as offer maintenance services for those with an ongoing issue.

To discuss how our fumigation and pest control services can help you prohibit insect-related risks, contact us today.

This company actually did the work, I have had other companies to get rid off rats and the problem will still be there, this company actually did a fabulous work and always ready for any additional problems. Thank you for your awesome work

- Ye S.

We contacted Ben for issues we were having at our work place. He did such an amazing job assessing the entire property. He did such a good job and I highly recommend him to anyone! The man can do the job and will walk the extra mile to satisfy your needs! Thank you Ben!

- Rosie P.