Our dedicated approach to pest eradication helps you meet the need for higher firmness and documentation in the face of rising food safety risks.


Where It All Began

What your customers have to say about your hotel matters, whether in communication or online, which makes having a pest control plan very important. Pest Control is more important in the hospitality business than in most others. The habitation of pests can be a big turnoff for your customers or guests. This means prestige can take many years to build up and is a very precious thing once it’s gained. However, without control pest infection having a potentially disastrous consequence on any business which offers accommodation-based and/or food services,

You don’t want a rodent bustle through the lobby when customers check-in, or for guests to examine bees/flies in the restaurant or cockroaches in the corridor. It’s very likely that any pest infestation experience during their stay will be narrated in detail by your guests in conversation or online feedback.

When guests pay a hotel/restaurant to provide them with accommodation services – whether that is drink, food, a bed for the night- they expect a pleasant, fun, and relaxing time. What they do not hope is one of the many issues which can occur with failed pest control.

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